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About Amplify

At Amplify Financial Bookkeeping, we provide financial bookkeeping and income tax services.

We will give you the flexibility to grow your business without the worry of keeping accurate and timely books.

Amplify Financial Bookkeeping

Let Us be Your First Choice

With our bookkeeping service, Amplify Financial strives to give you the freedom to grow without having to be concerned with reconciling accounts and tracking cash flows when producing necessary financial statements for IRS filings and yearly requirements.With our taxation service, we strive to offer peace of mind for individuals and small businesses to be IRS complient with our tax preparation and e-filing service.

Amplify Financial Bookkeeping

What Sets Us Apart

  • Accurate and timely bookkeeping created within dynamic software by our experts.
  • Customer service that is personal and focused on a mission to be a partner in the growth of your business.
  • Specialization in creating monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports necessary for tax filings and regulations, state and federal.
  • Expertise in the tools that allow our clients the flexibility of updating the needed invoices and receipts while being mobile.
  • Focused attention on meeting our deadlines so that our partners can meet their deadline.


  • Creation and maintenance of bookkeeping items, including books in arrears on the following basis:
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual
  • Individual and business income tax preparation and filing services.
  • Banking, loan, credit card, and merchant reconciliations.
  • Maintaining accounts payable to include posting, coding, and bill pay schedule.
  • Maintaining accounts receivable to include posting, coding, aging accounts schedule.
  • Assisting clients with QuickBooks online set-up.
  • Maintaining clients books in QuickBooks online
  • Financial statement creation and analysis, budgeting, and cash flow analysis.

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